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Applying XE2 Update 3: uninstall IDE Fix Pack first, then apply, then install updated IDE Fix Pack. Also update EurekaLog.

Posted by jpluimers on 2011/12/22

Before installing updates, it is always wise to read the release notes.

In this case, the below quote from the Release Notes for XE2 Update 3 was very important for me, as I use the IDE Fix Pack:

IDE Fix Pack Is Not Compatible with Update 3

The IDE Fix Pack for XE2 is incompatible with XE2 Update 3. If you have the IDE Fix Pack for XE2, you should uninstall the IDE Fix Pack for XE2 before installing Update 3. A revised version of the IDE Fix Pack for XE2 will be made available at .

The cool thing is, on the same day that Delphi XE2 Update 3 got releasedAndy also released the new FixPack 4.6 last week and also explained the cause of the incompatibility.

Note that because of the same reason, more products will need to be updated. EurekaLog also released an update, and I expect more vendors to release updates soon.

Update 3 breaks the monthly release cycle, but for a reason. This update contains way more fixes than the previous ones, in a much wider area and with short turnarounds between reporting and fixing (yes, it does pay to [WayBack] report bugs through QualityCentral). Just [WayBack] read the list of fixes. It is similar to the big updates we used to have for previous Delphi versions.

It also requires a lot more disk space, so make sure you have at least 5 gigabytes of free disk space.

Not related to Update 3, but still nice is that Thomas Müller made available for download the Expertimental GExperts version 1.35-2011-12-18 that is compatible with Delphi XE2. It includes a code formatter that has different bugs than the Delphi XE2 one, but for me usually works better.


via: Release Notes for XE2 Update 3 – RAD Studio XE2.

One Response to “Applying XE2 Update 3: uninstall IDE Fix Pack first, then apply, then install updated IDE Fix Pack. Also update EurekaLog.”

  1. […] at clients, I often see Delphi XE2 only updated until Delphi XE2 Update 4 (sometimes not even Update 3 is installed, which means you can run into Strange Format result in Delphi XE2 when using Currency […]

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