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Eric Lippert’s comment and answer explaining nullable operator lifting (c# – Why does the == operator work for Nullable when == is not defined? – Stack Overflow)

Posted by jpluimers on 2012/03/07

It seems I’m not the ony one who watches what Eric Lippert writes closely.

Eric works at the C# team at Microsoft (since 1996, which is about the time Anders Hejlsberg joined Microsoft).

Unlike Anders, Eric is much more visible. I regularly read his blog, and watch his contributions (RSS feed) on a regular base.

Recently, he posted a awesome comment “Nullable is nothing but magic” on a the question “C# – Why does the == operator work for Nullable when == is not defined?“, together with a very concise answer explaining that in C# most operators are ‘lifted to nullable’.

Note his tiny – but important – mention that for == behaves different than C#.

Note that Eric is very productive, he usually contributes to multiple times a day, sometimes with material that (at least for me <g>) need a while before I really get the point.

Recommended reading :)


via: c# – Why does the == operator work for Nullable when == is not defined? – Stack Overflow.

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