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Archive for April 1st, 2012

Many people missed the 8-bit street view at Google Maps Quest on April 1st #1april #april1st

Posted by jpluimers on 2012/04/01

Many people mentioned the April 1st prank by Google: 8-bit maps, and a NES Google Maps cartridge (quote at 0:55: blow on the cartridge to fix bugs ROFL!)

Today Google Maps has a quest mode, rendering the maps in Nintendo NES “quality”.

Few people really used it, and missed the glorious 8-bit streetview, and the really nice landmarks that you see when you zoom in to a scale of 500 meter or better.

You can even link to the 8-bit maps and to the 8-bit street view!.

Click on the images for larger versions (:



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The “San Seriffe” of PHP: “PEP 313 — Adding Roman Numeral Literals to Python”

Posted by jpluimers on 2012/04/01

At 9 years of age, PEP 313 still is a classic april fools joke. One of the hilarious parts:

This PEP is rejected. While the majority of Python users deemed this to be a nice-to-have feature, the community was unable to reach a consensus on whether nine should be represented as IX, the modern form, or VIIII, the classic form. Likewise, no agreement was reached on whether MXM or MCMXC would be considered a well-formed representation of 1990. A vocal minority of users has also requested support for lower-cased numerals for use in (i) powerpoint slides, (ii) academic work, and (iii) Perl documentation.

–jeroen (who also loves the San Seriffe joke of 1997)

via: PEP 313 — Adding Roman Numeral Literals to Python.

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