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Archive for April 23rd, 2012

Funny: VDI client system wants to restart, but can’t

Posted by jpluimers on 2012/04/23

Someone forgot to kick the VDI instances in the farm to perform an automatic reboot.

Patch Tuesdays only work when you make sure that mandatory reboots are actually being done.

That also prevents users of getting confused by these System Modal dialogs:

[System Restart Required]
A newly installed program requires this computer to be restarted.
Please save your work and restart your computer. Your computer needs to be restarted by wo 11-4-2012 2:43.
[Restart Now] [Close]


[Restart Alert]
A system restart cannot be completed while another software installation is in progress. Please allow the software installation to complete before attempting a system restart.


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Gbridge: Free instant VPN for everyone! – wow, a portable version of this…

Posted by jpluimers on 2012/04/23

Hmm, interesting*:

Gbridge lets you sync folders, share files, chat and VNC securely and easily between friends or your own computers. Google Apps users can create their own free VPN within the organization instantly!

  • EasyBackup: Backup to remote computer!
  • DesktopShare: Technical support made easy.
  • SecureShare & AutoSync: Share files within group!

Either a portable version of Gbridge (currently non-existent) or Gbridge running under a portable VM solution (would or VirtualBox on a USB stick work?) running as a non-admin would open up a can of worms for syadmins, and at the same time make a lot of life hackers extremely happy :)


via: Google Apps Marketplace – Gbridge: Free instant VPN for everyone!.

PS: *If you hear a programmer mumble “Hmm, interesting” be wary as either something very smart or very stupid came to mind.

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