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Archive for April 10th, 2012

Installing Delphi XE2: disable/uninstall WorkPace 3.0 and Data Guardian 5.2 first

Posted by jpluimers on 2012/04/10

Lot’s of corporate environments keep killing the productivity of their software developers by running WorkPace. They claim to prevent RSI, but the main thing they do is getting you out of your mental flow.

Workpace (yes, it is written in Delphi) hooks itself into processes by injecting REC300.DLL into it.

That particular DLL prevents Delphi XE2 from installing in several of the systems colleagues tried, and gives you error messages like these:

'' is not a valid integer value

Followed by a bunch of access violations, and Process Monitor indicating issues reading the key HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Image File Execution Options\REC300.DLL which is part of WorkPace 3.0 (an old 2007 version).

The next problem was Digital Guardian (an old 2010 version) hooking itself into all processes. Uninstalling that is a pain, as it requires a special uninstall key, but luckily the automated update script on the SCCM server’s distribution share contained that in an encrypted form. Uninstalling this solved the problem.

Maybe newer versions of WorkPace and Digital Guardian wouldn’t have interfered with the Delphi XE2 install. If so, that would be another example of technical debt.

WorkPace and Digitual Guardian are most likely there because of government induced regulations in the corporate environment.

I’m feeling a bit like Dilbert now: the corporate environment is interesting, but often they make “getting work done” so much harder than it could be.


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