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Mac keyboard shortcut to move things to the Trash – Mac Guides: command-backspace #mac #keyboard #shortcut

Posted by jpluimers on 2012/05/18

Some shortcuts on the Mac are difficult for me to remember. For instance the one to move something from the Finder to the Trash.

The guides on Trash at to the rescue:

Deleting items

You delete files and folders by moving them to the Trash. You can:

Drag and drop a file on the trash icon in the dock

Control-click on a file and select “Move to Trash” from the menu

Select a file or files and use the keyboard shortcut: command-backspace

Select a file or files and choose “File > Move to Trash” from the menu bar


  • on many Mac keyboards, the backspace key is called delete. It in fact functions as backspace which removes the character left of the cursor; to delete a character under the cursor you have to press Fn-delete.
  • any keyboard shortcut other than function keys requires a modifier key, hence the command-backspace/command-delete in stead of just backspace/delete.


via: Trash – Mac Guides.

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