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When your WiFi fails, use Device Manager to disable/enable the Wireless LAN device

Posted by jpluimers on 2012/08/06

I’ve seen this happen on various brands of hardware, and various flavours of operating systems:

over time (usually a few days or even weeks of use) suddenly your WiFi connection doesn’t want to connect to some or any of your wireless networks. Most often this happens when you wake up your machine from sleep.

What doesn’t work is flipping the Wireless LAN device off and on using a physical switch.

What usually works for Mac, Windows and even Android is either of these (from least intrusive to most intrusive):

  1. Disable your Wireless LAN device, then enable it again (in Windows, either from the device manager, or from the Network Connections in the Control Panel; see screen shots below you need to be administrator for this).
  2. Disable your Blue Tooth device, then enable it again (often both share parts of the hardware).
  3. Suspend your machine to disk, then unsuspend from disk.
  4. Shutdown, then power up your machine
  5. Shutdown, remove the battery, insert the battery, power up your machine.

I included the screen shots of how to do step in 1 Windows as that is what I use most, but similar steps also work on other platforms.

Recently, I had something similar with my Mobile Data connection on my Android device: I had to resort to removing the battery. During all this, voice connection worked fine, but mobile data failed.

This is not limited to Wireless. I’ve even had this on a machine with dual LAN: one of the NICs would loose the connection over time (often after months of use: the machine is a file server). Disabling/Enabling the network card in the device manager always gets the LAN connection working again.


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