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Displaying formulas using HTML (via: More TVM–calculating the IRR : Algorithms for the masses – julian m bucknall)

Posted by jpluimers on 2012/10/04

I saw julian Bucknall post some beautiful formatted functions in a few of his Algorithms for the masses blog and wondered how he did it.

[a = P . r^N . \frac { (1 – r) } { (1 – r^N) }]

Why is his formula code looking so simple, and why doesn’t it display on my blog?

So I asked him (:

Hi response was “use MathJax“:

I’m loading the MathJax JavaScript library in my pages:

Here’s the post where I talk about it and how I tweak the expressions:

If you want to experiment writing such expressions, I have the page I’m describing in the above post online:

There are various ways to include the MathJax JavaScript, and if you do, you can use both LaTeX and MathML style formulas. Read all about it on the MathJax Getting Started page.



2 Responses to “Displaying formulas using HTML (via: More TVM–calculating the IRR : Algorithms for the masses – julian m bucknall)”

  1. Your using WordPress. If you have the WordPress jetpack plugin installed, you can use latex formulas.

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