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What programmers font (monospaced!) do you like best?

Posted by jpluimers on 2013/05/08

Lucida Console Sample (thanks Wikimedia!)

Lucida Console Sample (thanks Wikimedia!)

I’m in search to see if there is a better programmers font than the monospaced Lucida Console mainly to be used in Visual Studio, Delphi, the Windows console, Xcode and Eclipse. What I love about Lucida Console design is the relatively large x-height combined with a small leading (often called “line height”). This combines very readable text, and a lot of code lines in view. Lucida has two small drawbacks, see the second image at the right:

  • The captial O and digit 0 (zero) are very similar.
  • Some uppercase/lowercase character pairs are alike (because of the large x-height)

But, since the font hasn’t been updated for a very long time, lots of Unicode code points that are now in current fonts, are missing from Lucida Console (unless you buy the [Waybackmost recent version that has 666 characters from Well, there are dozens of monospaced fonts around, so I wonder: which ones do you like? In the mean while, I’m going to do some experimenting with fonts mentioned in these lists:CcKkOoSsUuVvWwXxZz are much alike.

A few fonts I’m considering (I only want scalable fonts, so raster .fon files are out):

I have tried Adobe Source Code Pro about half a year ago. That didn’t cut it: problem with italics in Delphi, and not enough lines per screen. [WaybackNew Open Source monospaced font from Adobe: Source Code Pro.


43 Responses to “What programmers font (monospaced!) do you like best?”

  1. […] What programmers font (monospaced!) do you like best? […]

  2. jpluimers said

    Cesar Marrero posted these comments on G+:

    To add Inconsolata to the Console, you need to do a Registry Hack. NOTE: make sure you’re using the TTF version, not the OTF version:

    Also, you can download the TTF version through Google Font:

  3. CRConrad said


    Not cheap, though: I doubt they sell it separately, so you’ll probably have to get the SAS system to get the font. Don’t know how much that will set you back, but I guess it’s in the mid-to-high tens of thousands. Per year.

  4. jpluimers said

    Some more comments on this G+ thread:
    It has votes for Dina and DejaVu Sans Mono

  5. NAF said

    I have tried almost all of these fonts and keep returning to my old favourite Lucida Sans Typewriter. It’s attractive and very readable.

  6. WarrenP said is like stackoverflow for lists O stuff….

  7. Definetly Source Code Pro! I’ve tried many different fonts in the past, including Deja Vu, Lucida, Consolas, etc. I’ve always returned to Courier New after some time. Source Code Pro makes Courier New looks akward.

  8. omonien said

    I am using Anonymous Pro for a long time and I am happy with it.

    • jpluimers said

      Personally, I don’t like the serifs very much. It is nice at 10 points, but ugly at 11 (both the Anonymous Pro and the Anonymous Pro Minus).
      Most importantly: it doesn’t do italics.

      • omonien said

        In Delphi I never had the need for italics :)
        I am using it at 12pt on a 1920×1080 22″ scree, which feels comfortable to me.

  9. Kyle Miller said

    You can try Ubuntu Monospace ( … I find works best at 10 or 12pt.) or Bitstream Vera (

    • jpluimers said

      Bitstream Vera: italics not good enough, not enough lines per screen but comes close.
      Ubunto Monospace: looks really crisp, even in italic. I’ll give it more chance.

  10. Martin said

    Courier New, by far unbeaten.

  11. David Robb said

    I use the Dina font at 6pt on a machine configured for large fonts (don’t ask), 1920×1200.

    Also like Consolas a lot, but Dina can be configured to use less space with equivalent readability.

  12. D. Dunn said

    Envy Code R is my go to font.

  13. Marcin said

    +1 for Consolas…

  14. rpoulin said

    Have a look Inconsolata (i use inconsolata-dz) at

  15. Mr. Mike said

    I have been using Raize font and find it the clearest to use. Available for free at

    • Fabricio Araujo said

      In Delphi and VS2008, I use Raize. In VS2010+, Monaco.

    • jpluimers said

      Raize is a bitmap font. They are out (:

      • Fabricio said

        Most of the better programming fonts are bitmap.
        I only use Monaco on VS2010+ because of VS not allowing bitmap fonts, otherwise I would use Raize. On SQLDbx, Delphi, Lazarus, and all VS below 2010 I use Raize.
        Never tried changed the font of Windows Command Prompt. And can’t talk about Eclipse and XCode.

      • Fabricio said

        Just to add: my notebook uses 1280×800. The works’ machine also doesn’t use 1900×1200.

  16. Another vote for Adobe Source Code Pro. Before that I was using Consolas. Anonymous Pro isn’t bad if you like serifed fonts, but I prefer sans-serif. Envy Code is pretty nice too, but only at larger font sizes. If you code at 9 pt, you’re probably not going to like it. Source Code Pro ends up being wider than Consolas, but I prefer the letter shapes.

  17. Eric said

    Courier New, still the most practical for me at size 11. Been trying the other fonts, while individually they look clean, I just never could achieve “quick reading” ability with them (ie. be able to recognize and understand code without actually reading the characters), probably got some neurons hard-wired to recognize Courier New ;-)

    • jpluimers said

      I do like Courier and Courier New for printed material (like you, I’ve been around for a while), but for screen reading it’s not what works best for me.
      Though serif fonts do work better on high DPI screens than regular ones, I still don’t like it enough for screen reading (:

  18. wmeyer said

    I prefer Consolas, hands down. Although with Lucida Console, I could get 65 lines of text in the RAD Studio editor, the 55 lines I get with Consolas are far more readable. The characters in Lucida Console seem to me far too boxy, too square. The width of a line on the screen increases almost 25%, and the intercharacter spacing is excessive. Other than that, Lucida Console is ok. ;)

  19. gabr42 said

    I’m a great fan of Consolas.

  20. I often use PragmataPro, very nice even if a tad expensive. Done by a friend of mine.

  21. zorancz said

    What about Adobe Source Code Pro?

  22. I’m happy with Source Code Pro font (except there are some glitches when used in italic)
    Before it was DejaVu Sans Mono but Source Code Pro shows better differences between I1l and O0.

  23. Martin Wienold said

    I’m using DejaVu Fonts
    The only thing that I don’t like about it is a dotted zero instead of a slashed one.

  24. Nils said

    I switched to Adobe’s Source Code Pro, when it became freeware. Now the default font of Delphi looks odd. :-)

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