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Archive for November 18th, 2013

LinkedIn: connecting two people, sort of. (via: LinkedIn Answers)

Posted by jpluimers on 2013/11/18

One of the things I wish that LinkedIn implements is an easy way to connect two of your relations.

I understand that the underlying issues might be a tad more difficult than this simple request (what about spam connects, or other security concerns?), but right now the way to do this is cumbersome:

how do i connect two people ?
posted June 18, 2009 in Using LinkedIn

Daniel Jatovsky:

You cant connect two people, but you can introduce them to each other. Then its up to them to connect.

There are two methods in LinkedIn for doing this.

One is to go to each persons profile. At the top of the profile is a link to Forward this profile. Click on it, forward it to the other person with a note from yourself. Once they’ve responded positively you can forward contact information to each other.

The other is to send a message to both simultaneously. To do that, go to your Inbox and click on Compose a message and select Send a message to a connection. Write a message that you can send to both simultaneously and, if you like, check the box that allows them to see the other persons name and email address.


via: how do i connect two people ? | LinkedIn Answers | LinkedIn.

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