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Archive for November 7th, 2013

Cyber-Dojo: practice unit-tested programming in pairs/groups using Katas

Posted by jpluimers on 2013/11/07

Wow, I’ve been living under a stone (:

Just discovered the online Cyber-Dojo by Jon Jagger. It is an online manifestation of a Coding Dojo. Both have been there for years, and I think both are brilliant.

They take the concept of a Dojo as being a place to practice sports like martial arts in a pair or group setting with a series of Katas or practices.

Katas in a Dojo are a means for performing deliberate practice in order to learn new things. For instance, acquire new movement techniques, learn about your balance, gain strength, all in both a physical and mental way.

The aim of both is do more deliberate practice.

When performing Coding and Cyber Dojo, you should use Test Driven Development using pair programming and BabySteps. Those help you to slow down, as one of the Dojo Principles is for Katas to slow down. It reminds me of the “if you are in a hurry, sit down” mantra and is a key part of the Coding/Cyber Dojo Principles too.

The aim is to learn, and part of that is to first un-learn and open you to new thoughts. That’s why it is so cool that the Cyber-Dojo provides you with:

  • a bunch of pre configured programming languages*,
  • preformulated practices** (including a few cyber-dojo refactorings),
  • a small boilter plate to get started.

You’d think they speed you up, but that is not their aim. Like a regular Dojo it gives you an pre-set environment and gives you piece of mind to get started.

The Cyber Dojo does without a Sensei, whose purpose in a Coding Dojo is to ask questions in order to guide the participants.

That’s why it is good to use the Cyber Dojo as part of a Coding Dojo: basically the Cyber Dojo provides a standardizes set of tools to quickly setup a Coding Dojo.

Cyber Dojo languages

(a prime number, so the table is a bit distorted)

C# Haskell Perl
C++ Java-Approval Python
Clojure Java-Cucumber Ruby
CoffeeScript Java-JUnit Ruby-Rspec
Erlang Javascript

Cyber Dojo practices

Many of the practices come from

100 doors Harry Potter Print Diamond
Anagrams LCD Digits Recently Used List
Bowling Game Leap Years Reversi
Calc Stats Mine Field Roman Numerals
Count Coins Monty Hall Tennis
Diversion Number Names Unsplice
Fizz Buzz Phone Numbers Verbal
Game of Life Poker Hands Yahtzee
Gray Code Prime Factors Zeckendorf Number



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