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.NET/C#: System.Environment.GetLogicalDrives Method is identical to System.IO.Directory.GetLogicalDrives

Posted by jpluimers on 2013/12/26

My mental association with getting LogicalDrives was always the System.IO namespace, so I’ve always used Directory.GetLogicalDrives Method (System.IO) .

Recently I bumped into Environment.GetLogicalDrives Method (System), and discovered it has been available for the same time: since .NET 1.x.

I was not so much amazed that these methods return exactly the same data, but that they have identical code. Not just a single call to some common code: their code is the same, line by line. In .NET 4, they have the code below.

But you can also look at the original .NET 1.x Rotor code here:

Truly amazing (:



public static string[] GetLogicalDrives()
    new EnvironmentPermission(PermissionState.Unrestricted).Demand();
    int logicalDrives = Win32Native.GetLogicalDrives();
    if (logicalDrives == 0)
    uint num2 = (uint) logicalDrives;
    int num3 = 0;
    while (num2 != 0)
        if ((num2 & 1) != 0)
        num2 = num2 >> 1;
    string[] strArray = new string[num3];
    char[] chArray = new char[] { 'A', ':', '\\' };
    num2 = (uint) logicalDrives;
    num3 = 0;
    while (num2 != 0)
        if ((num2 & 1) != 0)
            strArray[num3++] = new string(chArray);
        num2 = num2 >> 1;
        chArray[0] = (char) (chArray[0] + '\x0001');
    return strArray;

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