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Archive for December 26th, 2013

Only on iOS 7 or higher: 12 Days of Gifts on the App Store on iTunes #Apple #Fail

Posted by jpluimers on 2013/12/26

Where last year it would still work on iOS 5 and 6, this year Apple has upped the requirements to iOS 7 leaving many users in the dark: iOS 7 only works on very recent iOS devices.

Too bad:

Incompatible with my 4th Gen IPOD Touch

by Valorian Nova

I spent quite awhile trying to figure out why this won\’t install on my Ipod and when I finally look it up it\’s because my IPOD is capped at IOS 6.1.5 and this needs IOS 7. Really puts a damper on this app for me.

via 12 Days of Gifts on the App Store on iTunes.

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Read-Eval-Print-Loop with a twist:

Posted by jpluimers on 2013/12/26

Just found out about the site that allows you to do a Read-Eval-Print-Loop with 15 different languages running from within your browser.

Really: from within your browser. Your browser becomes a console “IDE” by first translating the language to JavaScript then executing it on the browser.

They have all their code in a Git repository, with at the root implementations of those languages.

There are only a few pages on the site to complement the “IDE”:

According to their @replit twitter feed they have been around since about September 2011, but there are still regular updates.


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Need to check out “Smartvideo for Youtube”.

Posted by jpluimers on 2013/12/26

In the comments of

I recommend “Smartvideo for Youtube”. It’s a free app for your browser which forces Youtube to load the whole video as soon as you click on it. No more waiting. :)


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.NET/C#: System.Environment.GetLogicalDrives Method is identical to System.IO.Directory.GetLogicalDrives

Posted by jpluimers on 2013/12/26

My mental association with getting LogicalDrives was always the System.IO namespace, so I’ve always used Directory.GetLogicalDrives Method (System.IO) .

Recently I bumped into Environment.GetLogicalDrives Method (System), and discovered it has been available for the same time: since .NET 1.x.

I was not so much amazed that these methods return exactly the same data, but that they have identical code. Not just a single call to some common code: their code is the same, line by line. In .NET 4, they have the code below. Read the rest of this entry »

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