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Link clearance: history of Pascal / Object Pascal / Delphi Language / FreePacal / …

Posted by jpluimers on 2014/02/25

This post lists a lot of links related to the history of Pascal / Object Pascal / Delphi Language / FreePascal / etc.

No mentioning of Pascal should start without Niklaus Wirth. At the time of writing he is still alive, hopefully he still is a the time of publication.

Link clearance.

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7 Responses to “Link clearance: history of Pascal / Object Pascal / Delphi Language / FreePacal / …”

  1. Jonathan said

    Thankyou for the links to all the resources! I was one of the generation that learned Pascal as my first compiled language, while studying Computer Science back in the late 1980s. I loved Delphi too, and could never understand why VB triumphed over it (actually, I could… marketing).

    • jpluimers said

      (: in secondary school (around age 14), I started with UCSD Pascal on an Apple ][ europlus, shortly after I mastered Integer and Applesoft basic. Then soon after it, I learned Turbo Pascal 1.0.
      One of the reasons I post all of this is that I bought an Apple //e and //c a while ago, and I’m recreating the setup I used in school.

      • Jonathan said

        I used Turbo Pascal 4 at college, and ran it from floppies at home on a hardware PC emulator for the Atari ST called “Supercharger” – I had forgotten all about it until I read your post :)

  2. Bruce McGee said

    “Europeans generally pronounce his name the right way”

    Fair enough, but Europeans almost always pronounce “Delphi” wrong. :)

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