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How to copy a file with I/O errors? (via: Not a complete failure » Blog Archive)

Posted by jpluimers on 2014/03/24

Blast from the past, and happy I found back the original blog that pointed me to this: Not a complete failure » Blog Archive » How to copy a file with I/O errors?.

A long while ago, I helped out a friend with a HDD that was partially working. He neede the bits of a file that had become unreadable by regular means.

dd to the rescue: it takes a lot longer, but gets the job done eventually. Eventually can be T+eternity.

Note that you always should copy such a file to another drive, like described in the above blog.

Something like this (the parameters are explained at the dd man page):

dd if=/mounting-path/directory-path/damaged.mp4 of=resurrected.mp4 conv=noerror,sync

Usually for creating disk images, dd works on *n*x, Mac OS X, Windows with for instance Cygwin, ESXi, etc.

See also: linux – Rescuing a hdd with bad sectors: dd vs gddrescue – Super User.


via: Not a complete failure » Blog Archive » How to copy a file with I/O errors?.

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