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2014 and VMware Fusion has still no built-in “Clone this VM”. Workaround from VMware Communities

Posted by jpluimers on 2014/04/04

It is well into 2014 now, and VMware Fusion still has no way to Clone a VM like VMware Workstation can.

Too bad. Luckily, IrishMike posted a workaround for this about 7 years ago.

The easiest is if you keep these names very similar:

  • Display Name of the VM (that shows up in your Virtual Machine Library)
  • Name of the directory
  • Name of the .VMDK files
  • Name fo the .VMX files

I do moste of the editing from the console, and used this trick to edit text files from the console.

These are the steps to clone from “master” to “clone” with a little bit of post-editing from my side:

Re: How do we “copy” an entire virtual machine?

  1. Copy the directory holding all the “master” VMware Fusion files to a new one (lets call the directories “master.vmware” and “clone.vmware”).
  2. Inside the “clone.vmware”  directory, change all the files named “master.” to “clone.”
  3. Inside the “clone.vmware” directory, remove these subdirectories if they exist:
    – any directory ending in “.lck”
    – Applications
    – appListCache
    – caches
  4. Then in the same directory, edit the .vmx file changing all occurrences of “master” to “clone”
    – any “fileName” entry
    – any “displayName” entry
    – any “nvram” entry
    – any “extendedConfigFile”
    – any “checkpoint.vmState”
  5. Also in the same directory, edit the main .vmdk file and change the mane of the file from “master-flat.vmdk” to “clone-flat.vmdk”
  6. Then from the Finder or from VMware Fusion, open the .vmx file
  7. Finally tell VMware Fusion that you “copied”  the VM, so it gets a new hardware ID.

Then we’re off and running.


via: VMware Communities: How do we “copy” an entire virtual….

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