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VMware Fusion: Alt+Print Screen on MacBook Pro

Posted by jpluimers on 2014/09/01

VMware Fusion only allows you to send a “Print Scrn” key to a VM, but that takes a screenshot of the whole screen.

Alt+Print Scrn gets you a screenshot of the current Window, which is what I use most often.

A few things you might have tried, but cannot use:

So have to map key combinations that you probably will not use under Windows.

Berknip uses these VMware Fusion keyboard mappings for it:

I just went into VMware’s Preferences under Keyboard & Mouse / Key Mappings and added Shift-Control-Option-P mapped to Print Scrn and Command-Shift-Control-Option-P for ALT-Print Scrn.  Works like a champ for me, unless I misunderstood the original poster’s intent…

This makes the “Shift+Ctrl+Alt+P” shortcut under Windows unavailable, so if you use that under Windows you should skip that mapping.


via: Alt+Print Screen on MacBook Pro | VMware Communities.

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