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Adding a Fujitsu PFU ScanSnap ix1500 scanner to a Windows machine that already had a ix500 scanner workflow was cumbersome

Posted by jpluimers on 2021/08/06

I was hoping for a quick install of the ScanSnap ix1500 on a machine that had a fully working ix500 workflow, just biting the bullet after contemplating about [WayBack] Thoughts on ix500; should I get an ix1500? for a while.

That didn’t work as expected: the Windows machine would not recognise the ix1500 when connected over USB or WiFi:

Missing driver

One problem here is that with the Ix500 installed, only the ix500 driver is known to Windows (on my machine it was in C:\Windows\Inf\oem12.inf which is identical to C:\Windows\SSDriver\SSMini\SSiX500-x64.inf) and the ScanSnap Installer software did not copy all drivers to C:\Windows\SSDriver\SSMini:

Incompatible software

I later found out that the ix1500 is incompatible with the ScanSnap Manager: [WayBack] ScanSnap iX1500 Before you buy 03 – Fujitsu Global

Can I use existing ScanSnap Software with ScanSnap iX1500?

ScanSnap iX1500 is not compatible with the following ScanSnap software:

  • ScanSnap Manager
  • ScanSnap Organizer
  • CardMinder
  • ScanSnap Receipt

Also, ScanSnap Home cannot coexist with the ScanSap software above.
The ScanSnap software will be automatically uninstalled from the computer when you install ScanSnap Home onto the computer.

You HAVE to use the ScanSnap Home software, which is way more bloatware than the lightweight ScanSnap Manager solution.

Just look at installer sizes:

versus the old combination of [WayBack] Software Downloads: ScanSnap iX500 : Fujitsu Global totaling to ~0.5 gigabyte for ScanSnap Organizer and Manager:

Note that the only way to download the ** marked files, is to input a serial number of your ScanSnap ix500 into the web page download prompt.

ScanSnap Home offline installers

You will hardly find the off-line installers, as they are not very actively advertised.

This is how you get there:

  1. [WayBack] scansnap home offline installer – Google Search
  2. [WayBack] ScanSnap Home Offline Installer Downloads : Fujitsu Global
  3. Choose type and operating system
  4. Download the file

Here are Windows offline installer pages for some versions (I always prefer .1 versions, as .0 versions usually are glorified betas):

Not all versions mentioned at [WayBack] What’s New – What’s New – ScanSnap Software – Fujitsu Globalhave download links.

Online installer pages have release notes

Unlike the offline installer pages, the online installer pages have release notes, but the on-line installer is only the most recent version:

The software downloads offers the same Abby Fine Reader 5.5 as the ix-500 download page above, but from a different intermediate page:

Alternative download location

Old skool FTP: [WayBack] Index of ix500/Windows 10

Install/Uninstall instructions

Fujitsu has two pages not mentioned in the (very thin!) paperwork that comes with the ix1500:


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