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Built-in Delphi XE6, XE7 and XE8 Fast Reports have issue “F2051 Unit fs_iinterpreter was compiled with a different version of fs_isysrtti.TfsSysFunctions”

Posted by jpluimers on 2016/06/30

I’ve seen this compiler error in Delphi XE8 and others in Delphi XE6 and XE7 using a project depending on the built-in FastReports:

F2051 Unit fs_iinterpreter was compiled with a different version of fs_isysrtti.TfsSysFunctions

This will probably fail in more recent versions as well.

The easiest workaround is this:

  • Fast Report XE6 (4.15.10)
  • Fast Report XE7 (Version 5.1.5)
  • Fast Report XE8 (Version 5.2)

The problem could be solved with help of technical support (Paul Gursky).

The solution is to remove all pas files from:

  • LibD20 (XE6)
  • LibD21 (XE7)
  • LibD22 (XE8)
  • LibD22x64 (XE8)

The above is paraphrased from Fast Reports forum > Fatal Error F2051 when compiling under Delphi XE6 and XE7

The core of the problem is that Fast Reports stores .dcu/.hpp/.pas files in the same directory whereas Delphi itself stores the .dcu/.hpp/.o files in one directory (actually usually in debug and release directories for each supported platform like win32, win64, etc).

Note: the built-in Fast Reports limits a few features, for instance export to Excel is not supported.


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