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Archive for June 21st, 2016

German trains show Kernel, IP-address *and* MAC address

Posted by jpluimers on 2016/06/21

A long time ago, I found out German trains can show a Kernel version number during their boot sequence (sometimes even at their station, in this case Hannover Central Station). Recently, I found who posted the original of the picture (Volker Briegleb) and through reddit that Volker had posted more pictures on a twitter thread.

So this train showed:

  • Kernel:
  • IP:
  • MAC: 74:38:89:00:66:C9

The MAC address indicates the network device is made by ANNAX Anzeigesysteme GmbH.


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Writing tests for http / https request: Postman, SoapUI, Advanced REST client.

Posted by jpluimers on 2016/06/21

I’m using these Chrome Extensions for most of the http / https call mockups, and after that put them in SoapUI (which despite the name also does REST and has come a long way sinceSource: SoupUI – as sometimes that is the only thing that works):

You can get both Postman versions through as well.


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