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Archive for June 17th, 2016

#Maths #fun – great graphics help to understand math

Posted by jpluimers on 2016/06/17

Good visualisations make math so much easier to grasp, so I completely agree with Thomas Mueller (dummzeuch)  who wrote “Why didn’t my Maths teachers use this kind of graphic? Why wasn’t it in the expensive book?”

Via #Maths #fun – I’m Programmer – Google+

Actual source: Binomial theorem: Geometric explanation – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia picture File:Binomial expansion visualisation.svg – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (red/purple/blue) and File:Binomial theorem visualisation.svg – Wikimedia Commons (red/orange/green/blue)

I like the last picture best (I wonder though what colour blind people think about them).


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(Roaming) Profile and Folder Redirection

Posted by jpluimers on 2016/06/17

The article I quote from is about Windows Server 2003 and Windows XP, but still holds for modern Windows Server and Client versions:

After you enable roaming profiles for a couple of users, the first thing that you will probably notice is that logins and log offs become extremely slow for those users. […]

The solution to obscenely long logons and log offs is to use folder redirection. Folder redirection allows you to save portions of the user’s profile in a different location on the network. […]

You can’t redirect every folder in a user’s profile.[…] The folders that you can redirect are:

  • Application Data,
  • Desktop,
  • My Documents, and
  • Start Menu.

[…] I recommend creating a share point on the server to which you can redirect these folders.  […]

To redirect a folder, open the Group Policy Editor and navigate to User Settings | Windows Settings | Folder Redirection. The group policy requires you to redirect each of the four folders separately, but the procedure for doing so is the same for each folder:

  1. Set the folder’s Setting option to “Basic – Redirect Everyone’s Folder To The Same Location”.
  2. Next, select the Create A Folder For Each User Under The Root Path option from the Target Folder Location drop down list.
  3. Finally, enter your root path in the place provided.


via: Profile and Folder Redirection In Windows Server 2003 :: Windows 2003 :: Articles & Tutorials ::

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