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The Delphi MESSAGE directive: don’t forget quotes!

Posted by jpluimers on 2014/10/15

The Delphi MESSAGE directive is a very powerful one, you can generate compiler hints, warnings and errors with it, even fatal ones that abort compilation.
The compiler will return error codes H1054 (hint), W1054 (warning), E1054 (error) or F1054 (fatal error), which in the documentation are known under the catch-all x1054.

You need to take a bit of care with message directives, especially with the quotes. For instance

{$Message Error 'Not implemented'}

gives you the error below, but continues compiling:

[DCC Error] E1054 Not implemented

However, if you forget the single quotes

{$Message Error Not implemented}

it gives you error E1030  (not x1054), which is a bit confusing as it is a catch-all for invalid directives:

[DCC Error] E1030 Invalid compiler directive: 'message'

Here is a full example (now moved to bitbucket) of all the message directives and compiler reactions you can get:

program Message_Directive;


{$R *.res}

  {$MESSAGE 'Boo!'}
  {$Message Hint 'Feed the cats'}
  {$messaGe Warn 'Looks like rain.'}
  {$Message Error 'Not implemented'}
  {$Message Fatal 'Bang.  Yer dead.'}
[DCC Hint] Message_Directive.dpr(8): H1054 Boo!
[DCC Hint] Message_Directive.dpr(9): H1054 Feed the cats
[DCC Warning] Message_Directive.dpr(10): W1054 Looks like rain.
[DCC Error] Message_Directive.dpr(11): E1054 Not implemented
[DCC Fatal Error] Message_Directive.dpr(12): F1054 Bang.  Yer dead.


via: MESSAGE directive (Delphi) – RAD Studio.

PS: for a full list of Delphi hint/warning/error compiler messages, see Marc Durdin’s excellent post  Delphi XE2’s Hidden Hints and Warnings.

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