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Markdown notes

Posted by jpluimers on 2014/11/10

Wishing an online collaboration tool that supports Markdown, especially since tools like GitHub have native support, and because of the textual nature of the file format, it plays well with version control systems. Until that, I’ll try to use editors on Mac, Windows and my blog, syncing with DropBox.

Some links that might get useful:

What is Markdown?

Online editors:

Windows + Mac:

Windows only:

Mac only:


Chrome plugins:

Comparison of tools and features:



Comparison and resource overviews:

Markdown is very common in the scripting world.

A few examples:

On the syntax:

The Markdown syntax can be quite odd. Syntax examples are in, which is the source code for Daring Fireball: Markdown Syntax Documentation. For instance [WayBackwhen nesting ordered and unordered lists, your code needs to be indented like this:

1. Ordered item 1
    - Unordered item a
    - Unordered item b
1. Ordered item 2
    - Unordered item c
    - Unordered item d

On CommonMark and John Gruber:

Even though John Gruber – the original Markdown inventor – wasn’t involved with Markdown for like 10 years, in September 2014 he was involved in the [WayBack“Standard” Markdown Controversy which led to the [WayBackCommonMark project trying to set a standard for Markdown.


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