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Blast from the Past: `TThread` got introduced in Delphi 2

Posted by jpluimers on 2015/01/03

Thanks Nick Hodges for asking, and Uwe Raabe for answering:

Yep! Delphi 2 had TThread while Delphi 1 did not.

It resulted in an interesting thread including topics like cooperative multi-tasking and named pipes under DOS by using Turbo Pascal.

Boy, I remember the \pipe\ days and releasing a time slice by calling INT $28, $15 and $2F combinations like this:

int $28
mov ax, $1000
int $15 { DESQview/TopView give up time slice }
mov ax, $1680
int $2F

Note: you can even use INT $2F with AX=$1680 to check if you are running in a DOS x86 VM and other OS checks.


via: Anyone remember which version of Delphi introduced TThread?.

4 Responses to “Blast from the Past: `TThread` got introduced in Delphi 2”

  1. Rick said

    You’re an encyclopedia of Delphi knowledge! Do you make millions doing consulting?

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