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Archive for January 30th, 2015

#lifehacker – Gmail search operators work in filters, too including OR condition: ||

Posted by jpluimers on 2015/01/30

Correction to the post: only || works for OR condition.

  • Works:
    • BTW || omzetbelasting
  • Fails:
    • BTW or omzetbelasting

Corrected quote:

By default Google ANDs all data that you put into the filter fields. To use an OR condition all you have to do is put || between two strings (you can not just use OR).


via Gmail search operators work in filters, too.

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alex/what-happens-when · GitHub – via #Tech45

Posted by jpluimers on 2015/01/30

The podcase “Tech45 #228: Een air, dat heb ik wel covered this a while ago: alex/what-happens-when · GitHub:

This repository is an attempt to answer the age old interview question “What happens when you type into your browser’s address box and press enter?”

Except instead of the usual story, we’re going to try to answer this question in as much detail as possible. No skipping out on anything.

This is a collaborative process, so dig in and try to help out! There’s tons of details missing, just waiting for you to add them! So send us a pull request, please!

This is all licensed under the terms of the Creative Commons Zero license.


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Cool garden bench that turns into a picnic table

Posted by jpluimers on 2015/01/30

Cool bench, only EUR 90 via the German Amazon shop:

Thanks Gerwin Sturm for sharing!


via: We ordered one of those for our garden, so cool and useful :).

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Finding your Windows files quickly: Everything Search engine

Posted by jpluimers on 2015/01/30

More than 4 years ago, I wrote about the Windows filename search replacement: Everything. Since then, Everything has even gotten better: though the “stable” 1.2 version dates back to 2009, a new series of 1.3.x betas has appeared since early 2013 that are just as stable, are faster and have far more features.

Some new features I like a lot:

  • Support for Recent Changes, for instance searching for rc:today gives you files that have changed today.
  • The extended search syntax now includes the ability to search for attributes (even compressed, offline or encrypted) and timestamps (even relative ones like dm:last10minutes) for datecreated (dc), datemodified (dm) or recentchanges (rc).
  • Allow for boolean operators ! (NOT), & (AND) and space (OR) and grouping them with < and >.
  • These search prefixes: Read the rest of this entry »

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