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The Truth about BDD – Clean Coder – via GDG Düsseldorf

Posted by jpluimers on 2015/01/06

Thanks  for pointing me to The Truth about BDD – Clean Coder by Uncle Bob.

The clue is below. Read the whole article for the context.

TDD was adopted as a way to help us phrase low level requirements and drive the development of software based on those requirements. BDD, a variation of TDD, was created to help us think better about higher level requirements, and drive the development of systems using a language better than unit tests. But BDD is really a variation of Finite State Machine specifications, and FSMs can be shown, mathematically, to be complete. Therefore, we may have a way to conclusively demonstrate that our requirements are complete and consistent. (Apologies to Godel).


via: The Truth about BDD – Clean Coder.

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