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Archive for February 15th, 2015

GenerateGroupProjConsoleProject fix for Delphi 2007 – jeroenp / / commit / f7c23ffe4cb1 — Bitbucket

Posted by jpluimers on 2015/02/15

Talking about Delphi 2007 stuff:

I needed to generate a bunch of groupproj files for Delphi 2007 (I wrote about legacy yesterday), but found out that my GenerateGroupProjConsoleProject was generating too good XML.

So here is the change-set:

Allow generating Delphi 2007 .groupproj files (uses a string search/replace hack as Delphi 2007 uses xmlns=”” which you cannot set manually through the normal IXMLNode ways especially not with ADOM).

TODO: verify if/how the GroupProj.xsd can be adopted to this not so nice XML that Delphi 2007 uses.


via jeroenp / / commit / f7c23ffe4cb1 — Bitbucket.

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In 1 week: nieuwe nationale nederlanden logo in oudere brief dan oude NN logo (: @nn_nederland

Posted by jpluimers on 2015/02/15

Het nieuwe logo in oudere brief:

Nieuw NN logo: linksboven brief

Nieuw NN logo: linksboven brief

Het oud logo in nieuwere brief:

Oud NN logo: rechtsboven brief

Oud NN logo: rechtsboven brief

De tekst is in ieder geval duidelijker, want meer contrast.

Ik ben nog niet helemaal uit het nieuwe logo:

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