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Archive for February 10th, 2015

Kylix T-Shirts…

Posted by jpluimers on 2015/02/10

Russel Weetch last week posted a few pictures of Kylix related T-Shirts (wow, I had forgotten that Kylix was released back in 2000!) about Living la vida Linux.

To which I commented:

Kylix was great. But too late and aimed at a Linux desktop market that never took off. Who’d imagine then that a semi-open system based on Linux and JVM would power most of the mobile world and a closed system based on BSD would generate a huge part of the paying app world?


via Sorting out my T-shirt shelves and there, amongst my old surfing ones, I found….

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Just ordered a WL-330NUL – Overview as it can WiFi to WiFi, wired to WiFi, wired to USB, WiFi to USB, … both ways, and can do MAC spoofing so that you only need to captive portal once.

Posted by jpluimers on 2015/02/10

Just ordered a an ASUS WL-330NUL  as it can WiFi to WiFi, wired to WiFi, wired to USB and WiFi to USB; both ways, and can do MAC spoofing so that you only need to captive portal once.

Thanks David Conran for writing this:

It most certainly does wifi to wifi.

I’ve used it extensively to do that. Even powering it off a USB battery pack to give me decent wifi in the rest of the room, where I could only get the hotel wifi next to the room door.

Yes, it means you can run a chromecast on it. I’ve done this regularly. i.e. This router and a chromecast are part of my travel kit.

Other pluses are, all my phones/tablets/laptops know the SSID/password of the 330NUL. No config needed, just sign into the router(*) and connect to it to the hotel wifi (once per first visit) and then when you sign in to the hotel wifi on one of your devices, you’ve signed in for all of them. Yay for NAT.

(* The only negative issue I have with the 330NUL, is you can’t change the fecking login password on it. It’s printed on the side though and is pseudo random.)


via Can’t remember whether I’ve mentioned this before. This little router is an….

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Time to upgrade some of my older OpenSuSE VMs from 12.3 to a more recent version

Posted by jpluimers on 2015/02/10

Last week, the final update for OpenSuSE 12.3 says it is time to upgrade:

│Patch: openSUSE-2015-100 Kind: recommended Version: 1

│This announcement marks the end of the maintenance period for openSUSE 12.3.

│In order to keep your systems up to date and secure, please migrate your
│systems to the current openSUSE version.

│For more information on how to upgrade to the current openSUSE version, please read:

│Please make sure that you applied all maintenance updates provided for openSUSE 12.3 before starting the update.

│Thank you for using openSUSE,
│your Maintenance and Security Team


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Interface unit for sending debug messages to SysInternals ProcessMonitor « bl.OGware

Posted by jpluimers on 2015/02/10

Interesting, I never knew that [WayBackProcess Monitor has had an API to send messages to, but it has had this ability for almost 5 years: [Archive.isSee the I/O You Caused by Getting Your Diagnostic Tracing into Process Monitor | Wintellect.

I did know about [WayBackOutputDebugString and the DBWIN protocols, but this was new.

The ZIP file for Process Monitor is offline (but you can find it by searching for, and contains .h files and a .NET example.

Thanks [WayBackOliver Giesen for the [WayBackDelphi translation!


via: [WayBackInterface unit for sending debug messages to SysInternals ProcessMonitor « bl.OGware.

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