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OpenSSL on Windows: fixing the “unable to write ‘random state'” (via: Stack Overflow)

Posted by jpluimers on 2015/03/05

If you are running OpenSSL as a regular user, or cannot perform “RunAs Administrator”, and you get this error message:

unable to write 'random state'

then make sure you have set your environment variables correctly before running OpenSSL:


A full batch file front-end for OpenSSL.exe is this one:

@echo off
:: prevent "unable to write 'random state'"
call :do set RANDFILE=%LOCALAPPDATA%\.rnd
"%~dp0OpenSSL.exe" %*
goto :eof
echo %*
goto :eof

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Note: if you get the same message on Linux, it usually means that the rights for ~/.rnd are not set correctly. See the question Using openssl what does “unable to write ‘random state'” mean? for an exaplanation.


via: paypal – How to fix “unable to write random state ” in openssl – Stack Overflow.

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