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Archive for June 17th, 2015

H.H. Polzer, bekend als Drs. P., rijmt eigen rouwadvertentie – via AT5

Posted by jpluimers on 2015/06/17

De advertentie is ondertekend door Drs. P. en geplaatst onder zijn echte naam H.H. Polzer. Het gedicht van de advertentie luidt:

Even uw aandacht graag!
Korte berichtgeving:
Is niet meer in beeld –

Wat hier (behalve voor
Hartelijk groetend
Wordt medegedeeld


via: Drs. P. rijmt eigen rouwadvertentie – AT5.

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Research notes on Diffie Hellman over WebSockets over a MittM http proxy to setup an encapsulated secure channel

Posted by jpluimers on 2015/06/17

Inspired by CloudFlare Keyless SSL, I have this idea of using Diffie Hellman over WebSockets over a MittM based http proxy (which intercepts and decrypts HTTPS traffic) like mitmproxy (but them from a commercial vendor to inspect web traffic) to setup an encapsulated secure channel.

I know SSH uses Diffie Hellman to setup a secure channel over a binary TCP connection.

Binary communication over HTTP usually means WebSocket.

I don’t want WebSSH (which does use WebSockets, but is probably filtered by the MitM proxy anyway).

Maybe either of these open source tools will work:

If these don’t work, I need to do more research.

Since I use C# and .NET for much of my work, I started the WebSocket over HTTP C# query.

c# – How to use proxies with the WebSocket4Net library – Stack Overflow.


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