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Archive for the ‘Quotes’ Category

Reddit: parodies on O RLY Books

Posted by jpluimers on 2019/01/02

Many more “Essential Programming Guides” that are not in the O RLY Parody Book Generator for Slack are at [WayBack]  O RLY Books.

Related: [WayBack] generate (500×700)


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Fred Hebert on Twitter : “honest programming books… “

Posted by jpluimers on 2018/10/03

[WayBack] Fred Hebert on Twitter : “honest programming books… “:

  • The CVE Programming Language; ANSI C; Second Edition
  • The Rust Programming Language; The C++ that Feels Like Haskell (this book cannot be borrowed)
  • Librertarian Programming; The Ideology Behind Heartbleed, by a Racist Misogynist Taken Seriously; Revised and Expanded; I don’t think the cops in that video hated anybody. They were just doing their job. And their job included strangling a man to death for having sold untaxed cigarettes.
  • The Go Fuck Yourself Language
  • Continuous Integration; Pushing Retry Until Flaky Test Pass and the Build Succeeds

More images at [WayBack] Thread by @mononcqc: “honest programming books more honest books (including my own) […]”.

  • Please Use my Language; A Beginner’s Guide

  • Again: Please Use my Language


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roll a dice – Google Search

Posted by jpluimers on 2018/09/13

Happy programmers’ day!

Source: roll a dice – Google Search

Inspired by [WayBackSure, Google. Sure.


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God is real unless declared integer, 

Posted by jpluimers on 2018/09/07

Kristian Köhntopp commended:


In some versions of Fortran, the default type of variables starting with I, J, K or L is integer, while other varianles are by default typed as real. The Fortran statement DECLARE can be used to explicitly declare a variables as being of a specific type.

The variable GOD stats with G and hence is implicitly real, unless you add an appropriate declare statement.

He reminded my of my FORTRAN 66 days at university when studying “computer usage for chemists”:

I remember a “computer usage for chemists” course during my studies where (end of the 1980s!) were supposed to program in FORTRAN 66.
Luckily the VAX/VMS machine supported a much more recent FORTRAN version and had support for 132 columns as well, which allowed me to indent properly (like I was used from my Pascal background).This tremendously helped me solve basically this problem:

  • import tables with
    1. atom code, radius and valence (bonding count)
    2. atom1 code, atom2 code, minimum distance, maximum distance
    3. atom code, X/Y/Z coordinate
  • determine which bonds can occur
  • walk the bonds and determine the atomic structure, including cycle count

Especially the last one was easiest to solve with recursion, which FORTRAN does not support. So I wrote my own stack structure and solved the problem.

The student coach was mad when she found out I had printed the full documentation on continuous form paper which took the printer about half an hour for printing the ~100 pages.

Next morning, I had read it front-to-back and colour-indexed all the sections so it was far easier to find what the compiler could do for me. She could not believe I had done that.

All my co students were on a (non shielded!) 300 meter multiplexed serial connection with VT-120 emulators from PC’s with all sorts of connection problems.

I discovered a small room right above the VAX/VMS machine having a couple of terminals with direct connections that were hardly used. A few of them were VT-240 that had a session switch allowing for maximum 3 interactive sessions running at far higher priority than the compiler/linker batch queues provided.

This allowed me to perform quick release cycles of my project: 1 session for editing and inspecting logs, 1 session for compiling my last version, 1 session for linking the previously compiled version.

I was about the only student that delivered the project on time (:

Via: Check out @chicaScientific’s Tweet:… having

“Why did the integer drown?”

“Because he wasn’t a float”



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Etaoin shrdlu – via 5 Hole Paper Tape – Computerphile

Posted by jpluimers on 2018/01/29

Etaoin shrdlu (/ˈɛtiˌɔɪnˈʃɜrdluː/)[1] … is the approximate order of frequency of the 12 most commonly used letters in the English language.

via 5 Hole Paper Tape – Computerphile

Source: Etaoin shrdlu – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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