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Fritz!Box VPN error messages – via: VPN mit der FritzBox :: network lab

Posted by jpluimers on 2015/11/02

VPN mit der FritzBox :: network lab has a nice walk through on how to set up non LAN-LAN VPN connections with Fritz!Box.

But the really cool thing is that they have a table of IKE (Internet Key Exchange) error messages.

Until now, I mainly had these errors, which thanks to the table now have a description:

Better than

Note: both are within the public IP range, so not in the ranges mentioned here: Identifying the address range of the IPv4 address for the Internet connection | FRITZ!Box 7390 | AVM International.

Maybe I should just use the Windows tools to setup the config: – Blog » IKE-Error Ox1c.



Their table:

Fritz!Box IKE error messages

IKE-Error number Description
IKE-Error 0x200A “invalid exchange type”
IKE-Error 0x200B “exchange type not supported”
IKE-Error 0x200C “invalid major version”
IKE-Error 0x200D “invalid minor version”
IKE-Error 0x200E “invalid protocol version”
IKE-Error 0x000F “payloads not encrypted”
IKE-Error 0x0010 “payloads are encrypted”
IKE-Error 0x0011 “invalid cookie”
IKE-Error 0x0012 “wrong initiator cookie”
IKE-Error 0x0013 “wrong responder cookie”
IKE-Error 0x0014 “invalid payload type”
IKE-Error 0x0015 “invalid msg id type”
IKE-Error 0x0016 “invalid protocol id type”
IKE-Error 0x0017 “invalid spi”
IKE-Error 0x0018 “invalid doi”
IKE-Error 0x0019 “unexpected value”
IKE-Error 0x001A “invalid key size”
IKE-Error 0x001B “payload malformed”
IKE-Error 0x001C “invalid id”
IKE-Error 0x001D “invalid transform id”
IKE-Error 0x001E “unexpected next payload”
IKE-Error 0x001F “missing payload”
IKE-Error 0x2020 “hash mismatch in received packet”
IKE-Error 0x2021 “invalid hash on send”
IKE-Error 0x2022 “auth method not supported”
IKE-Error 0x2023 “attribute not supported”
IKE-Error 0x1024 “dh key generation failed”
IKE-Error 0x1025 “error in crypto module”
IKE-Error 0x2026 “no proposal chosen”
IKE-Error 0x2027 “timeout”
IKE-Error 0x1028 “quickmode: no isakmp sa”
IKE-Error 0x0029 “info message without spi”
IKE-Error 0x202A “certificate not available”
IKE-Error 0x202B “id type not supported”
IKE-Error 0x202C “dns: host/domain not found”
IKE-Error 0x202D “dns: timeout”
IKE-Error 0x202E “dns: unspecified error”
IKE-Error 0x2031 “unspecified error”
IKE-Error 0x2032 “xauth failed”
IKE-Error 0x2033 “xauth authentication failed received”
IKE-Error 0x2034 “attribute of unknown type received”
IKE-Error 0x1035 “peers xauth reply contained not all requested values”
IKE-Error 0x2036 “request for unsupported xauth type received”
IKE-Error 0x2037 “request attribute not available”
IKE-Error 0x2038 “xauth failed, reason: timeout”
IKE-Error 0x2039 “config mode failed, reason: timeout”
IKE-Error 0x203A “timeout while waiting for initial config mode packet”
IKE-Error 0x203B “timeout while waiting for initial xauth packet”
IKE-Error 0x203C “config mode reply msg incomplete”
IKE-Error 0x203D “phase 1 sa removed during negotiation”
IKE-Error 0x203E “phase 1 aborted, ip address of neighbour has changed”
IKE-Error 0x203F “authentication failed”
IKE-Error 0x2040 “invalid hash”

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