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Archive for March 25th, 2016

FIX THAT THING | Sugru mouldable glue that turns into rubber

Posted by jpluimers on 2016/03/25

Sugru is mouldable glue that turns into rubber. We invented it to make fixing and making easy and fun. Do-ers of the world, it’s time to get excited.

Source: FIX THAT THING | Sugru

via: Playing NSA, hardware hackers build USB cable that can attack | Ars Technica

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Improve Word performance with tables

Posted by jpluimers on 2016/03/25

Apart from the obvious “use less tables” and “break tables apart”, these can also help big time:

  1. Run %WinDir%\System32\SystemPropertiesPerformance.exe
  2. Choose “Ajust for best performance” (it will disable all visual enhancements)
  3. Re-enable “Smooth edges of screen fonts” (it will make it easier to set bold and italic apart in Word)

If it is still too slow, I might look into these:


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