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Archive for March 15th, 2016

Bug squasing: A heisenbug is not your average bug.

Posted by jpluimers on 2016/03/15

I took the liberty to make an English translation of this very interesting German story about squasing an Heisenbug from Kristian KöhntoppHeisenbugsquashing bei +SysEleven: Sechs Monate Kernels crashen, aber jetzt isser tot….

Don’t forget to read (translated) comments in the original thread. Very interesting read!

I agree it’s in the Heisenbug category given “Time can also be a factor in heisenbugs, particularly with multi-threaded applications.”.

Anyway, the translation and original:


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Fritz!Box 7360 and 7490: static routes over VPN don’t work

Posted by jpluimers on 2016/03/15

I’ve tried the below on a Fritz!Box 7490 configuration and it fails as well.

The case is that I’ve a VPN (see Getting Fritz!Box LAN-LAN VPN to work) between a Fritz!Box 7360 (having internal IP and a Fritz!Box 7490 (having internal IP This is how it looks from the Fritz!Box 7360 side:

Name Address in the Internet local network remote network

On the side of things, the internal IP of the router is Inside the network is is another router ( having an internal network.

Basically I want to tell the Fritz!Box 7360 (at IP that there is an internal route to via

I found and read Accessing multiple IP networks behind a FRITZ!Box over VPN connection between two FRITZ!Boxes | FRITZ!Box 7360 | AVM International.

Based on it, I wanted to add this route on the

Static IPv4 Route

IPv4 network
Subnet mask
Enabled X

When you do that, you get this error message:

An error occurred.
Error description: The route is illegal.
Please enter your data again. If the error occurs again, please consult AVM Support.

How can I get this route to work?


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git-extras/ at master · tj/git-extras

Posted by jpluimers on 2016/03/15

[WayBack] git-extras is awesome: it adds many [WayBack] useful commands to git. Like [WayBack] git ignore and [WayBack] git-info.

For instance, this adds to the .gitignore file:

git ignore

It makes command-line git much more usable, even so much that it lessens the needs of SourceTree and other UIs tools.

You can get it at the GitHub repository [WayBack] tj/git-extras.

Lots of help is at [WayBack] git-extras/ it explains all the commands that git-extras adds.

Thanks [WayBack] nifr for posting about git-extras at [WayBack] Is there an ignore command for git like there is for svn? – Stack Overflow.



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