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Windows RDP error 3489661694 when connecting from a Mac, connecting from Windows fails without any message

Posted by jpluimers on 2016/05/16

Connecting from Mac OS X edition of Microsoft Remote Desktop
Sometimes I connecting to various Windows systems over RDP fails. On Windows the mstsc (Remote Desktop Connection) application recognises the server has a certificate, presents you with a login dialog, then just stops without any message.

Connecting from Mac OS X edition of Microsoft Remote Desktop does give you error message “The server denied the logon with reason: 3489661694”.

So far I’ve had this only with physical machines running Windows 7 and 8.1 both after a Windows Update did a reboot taking a very long time and I wasn’t physically present to see what was happening (hey: that’s why I use RDP in the first place).

Somehow during the reboot, the server side of Remote Desktop (which is just termsrv.dll in the context of an svchost.exe instance) is in a limbo state: it does listen, but won’t get you any further.

No chance of rebooting either, as most prosumer physical systems lack out-of-band management that server-like systems have.

I found one relevant Japanese post from someone who had the same from Android RDP.

Too bad I could not find anything in the eventlogs, not even why the update took that long (the Windows 8.1 system took from about 23:00 in the evening until 15:00 in the afternoon to get booted).





4 Responses to “Windows RDP error 3489661694 when connecting from a Mac, connecting from Windows fails without any message”

  1. Sam said

    This error happened to me while Windows was restarting to install some updates.

  2. WarrenP said

    What version of OS X and what version of the RDP client is this?

    I use the Mac OS X Microsoft RDP client all the time without incident. You might be able to get some more details by running the client inside ktrace.

    • jpluimers said

      The current RDP client from Microsoft. It gives error messages when the Windows version just times out. So having the error codes is actually a good thing.

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