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TUMBLEWEED: local console yast linedrawing characters garbage after first reboot

Posted by jpluimers on 2016/06/09

I long while after asking TUMBLEWEED: local console yast linedrawing characters garbage after first reboot, I researched the issue further.

First the workaround:

It is enough if any user on any console (for which /usr/bin/tty will usually show /dev/tty#) runs /bin/unicode_start.

After that, any user that logs on on any console will get the correct line-drawing characters with yast.

Then about the problem:

It looks like the problem is that during boot, nothing calls /bin/unicode_start. This was a solved bug, but seems to be back in Tumbleweed so I posted a comment to the bug.

I don’t think it is related to a truckload of PuTTY UTF-8 line-drawing issues like below. I’ve included them just for reference in any case proves me wrong (:

Same for changing unicode_start by hand:



Original question thread:

local console yast linedrawing characters garbage after first reboot

I installed a fresh Tumbleweed from the latest ISO download as a “Minimal server selection (text mode)”.

I’m still on the console with root (I’ll switch to non-root after sshd is configured).

On the console with root:

  1. After the install, yast displayed the line-drawing characters fine.
  2. After reboot, it doesn’t.

How can I fix this?

In-between install and reboot, I installed a bunch of patterns:

  • Enhanced Base System
  • Console Tools
  • File Server
  • Network Administration
  • Mail and News Server
  • Web and LAMP Server
  • Internet Gateway
  • DHCP and DNS Server

Finally I did this:

  1. zypper dup
  2. reboot

Now yast line drawing characters are garbage.

During the installation, I choose English as language and timezone Europe/Netherlands

This is how yast looks now (boy I’m glad with…n-png-format):

This is how it looked before reboot:

Re: local console yast linedrawing characters garbage after first reboot

This seems to be a long-standing bug:…/msg00103.html

Workaround from the bug-report:

To get a working YaST for now you can call ‘/bin/unicode_start’ on command line before starting ‘yast’ or call YaST without start script(‘/usr/lib/YaST2/bin/y2base menu ncurses’).

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