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the curse of tooling replacing double quotation marks with left double quotation marks and right double quotation marks – via StackOverflow

Posted by jpluimers on 2016/07/21

Most developers I speak to have trapped into a case of copy/pasting some source code containing quotation marks from documentation or post immediately failing on curly quotes like left double quotation marks () and right double quotation marks () that should have been regular double quotation marks (").

I’ve tried to search for a way to automate the replacement process to “ASCII quotation marks”, but not found an on-line engine yet. The best I could find was this post: java – Replacing unicode punctuation with ASCII approximations – Stack Overflow.

Note it’s not only the auto-correct of office applications. For instance “blog engines” like WordPress do that too, unless you add a code or pre around them:

  • code: "blog engines"
  • pre:
    "blog engines"

Very irritating, but apparently nowadays beauty trumps accuracy.


via: xampp – Apache Prefixing Path to Virtual Hosts Path – Stack Overflow.

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