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Delphi XE8 [dcc32 Fatal Error] dcc32_F2084_C2359.dpr(30): F2084 Internal Error: C2359

Posted by jpluimers on 2016/10/05

Fails in Delphi XE8 with a nice [dcc32 Fatal Error] dcc32_F2084_C2359.dpr(27): F2084 Internal Error: C2359

It is fixed in Delphi 10.0 Berlin, but of course a C2359 search does not reveal that as Quality Portal is behind a wall. So for future reference the bug: [RSP-13471] Int64 for loops can generate Internal Compiler Error – Embarcadero Technologies. Thanks +Stefan Glienke for mentioning the issue.

program dcc32_F2084_C2359;

  TNumber = Int64; // UInt64; // fails too; other numeric types do not fail. Fails in a unit as well.
  TNumbers = TArray;
  TNumberRange = record
  strict private
    function GetLowerBound: TNumber;
    function Numbers: TNumbers;
    property LowerBound: TNumber read GetLowerBound;

{ TNumberRange }

function TNumberRange.GetLowerBound: TNumber;
  Result := Default(TNumber);

function TNumberRange.Numbers: TNumbers;
  lValue: TNumber;
  for lValue := LowerBound to LowerBound do



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