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Archive for October 21st, 2016

display – How can I move spaces between external monitors in Mavericks? – Ask Different

Posted by jpluimers on 2016/10/21

display – How can I move spaces between external monitors in Mavericks? – Ask Different [WayBack]

You can only move spaces which are non-active.

For example, lets say you have spaces 1 and 2. If space 1 is active, you can not move it. You first have to select space 2 then you can move space 1 to a different monitor.

This helped me work around version 8.35 of Microsoft Remote Desktop for OS X breaks second monitor usage [WayBack]:

  1. Double click a connection so it goes to a new space on the primary display
  2. Make the normal space active (by three finger swiping on the primary display)
  3. Go to mission control
  4. Move the non-active RDP space to the secondary monitor

Sometimes the primary monitor doesn’t have a non-active space any more so you have to create a new one in the top right of Mission Control [WayBack].


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How To Patch and Protect Linux Kernel Zero Day Local Privilege Escalation Vulnerability CVE-2016-5195 [ 21/Oct/2016 ]

Posted by jpluimers on 2016/10/21

There is a nasty (Dirty COW: CVE-2016-5195) Linux kernel bug with zero-day exploits floating around

OpenSuSE updates will be available soon (likely this weekend); from the  #openSUSE-factory IRC channel :

wiert: any E.T.A. for CVE-2016-5195 in the various releases?

_Marcus_: 13.1 and 42.1 i just released. 13.2 submission i am still awaiting, so release likely tomorrow

wiert: How about Tumbleweed?

DimStar: for TW, I have it in staging and will try to squeeze it into the 1021 snapshot
so unlike something really bad happened, it should be shipping tomorrow or Sunday

via: How To Patch and Protect Linux Kernel Zero Day Local Privilege Escalation Vulnerability CVE-2016-5195 [ 21/Oct/2016 ] [WayBack]

Progress can be tracked at (via simotek a.k.a. Simon Lees at IRC). Hopefully 13.2 will get released on Monday.

Edit: 13.2 didn’t make it on monday. Progress can be found via (slow loading page!) and is at

More exploits at


Testing 13.2:

# zypper addrepo
# zypper patch

This works fine in await of the formal update process and me testing it resulted in the release of the kernel to the official 13.2 update, but note you still have to reboot after the update even though the process doesn’t tell you that:

wiert: @_Marcus_ “klopt als een zwerende vinger” or in English: works splendid. install and test log at
wiert: @_Marcus_ thanks about teaching me about `zypper patch`. Need to run for the fundraising event now.
_Marcus_: wiert: thanks :)
wiert: @_Marcus_ no problem. Given the work you guys (and gals?) do it’s a small thing with the added bonus of contributing to my motto “life is about learning new things every day”.
_Marcus_: after your feedback i have now released the kenel ;)
wiert: @_Marcus_ great, looking forward to the actual update later. Thanks a lot!
wiert: @_Marcus_ I’ve updated the gist: 13.2 plus official dirty-COW update needs reboot, but the update process doesn’t list about reboot. Didn’t get the full zypper output, but I after updating I did a before/after reboot comparison of the behaviour. Results in

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FileZilla on Windows is waaaay faster than WinSCP

Posted by jpluimers on 2016/10/21

Not sure why yet, but on a gigabit network between a Windows 2008 R2 Server and a Proxmox KVM machine, WinSCP gets around 10 megabit/second and FileZilla > 30 megabit/second.

Others seem to agree that filezilla faster than winscp.


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Some Google URLs

Posted by jpluimers on 2016/10/21

Below a table with clickable links, details are in the Via at the end. I added some more beyond the 10 original ones.

# URL What
Footer 1 Footer 2 Footer 3
1 Get a new account
2 Manage advertisement profile
3 Download your Google data (mail can take days!)
4 To file a complaint about using copyrighted or unpermissioned material
5 Shows where your devices have been
6 All your searches
7 Prevent extended inactivity, Google doesn’t delete your account after 9 months.
8 When you suspect account abuse
9 Set permissions of apps and sites relating to your account
10 Apps users: reset admin account by adding a CNAME to the DNS
11 G+ / Google Plus
12 Google Hangouts
13 GMail / Google Mail
14 Google Contacts (note + button to add is hidden behind Hangouts pop-up also on the lower right)
15 Calendar / Agenda
16 Sync Google Settings between various devices / applications
17 Account and privacy settings
18 Security settings like two-factor authentication (2-step signin)
19 Check if your security settings (recovery phone, recovery email, security question) are still up to date.
20 Setting your privacy
21 Manage Wallet
22 Google Play Store and settings
23 Where is your Android device
# href what
# href what
# href what
# href what
# href what
# href what
# href what
# href what
# href what
# href what
# href what


via: Some Imporatant URLs you should know as a Google User – I am Programmer.

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