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Archive for October 7th, 2016

SDelete hangs at 100% – Sysinternals Forums – revert back to v.1.61

Posted by jpluimers on 2016/10/07

I’m a fan of sdelete, but the most recent v2.0 update seems – released alongside SysInternals support for nano server – to be a lot slower than the v1.61 version:

I have the same problem with Sdelete on my SSD.The resource monitor showed v.2 writing the disk at approx 40Mb p/swhile v.1.61 at 1,300 Mb p/s SDelete v.2.0 is faulty (shows 100% all the time) and dead slow, don’t use it.Google v.1.61 , it works just fine.

Source: SDelete hangs at 100% – Sysinternals Forums [WayBack]


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Traces of Nuts – Brutally sliced in to multiple pieces | Comedy Card Company

Posted by jpluimers on 2016/10/07

“Looks like the victim was brutally sliced in to multiple pieces”;  “It’s over here, Sarge” Humorous cartoon by award winning Australian artist Tim Whyatt.

Source: Traces of Nuts – Brutally sliced in to multiple pieces | Comedy Card Company

Much better image quality than the one I saw floating around on G+ a while ago.

Even larger high quality images are at 1 and 2.


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installing the joe terminal/console text editor on Mac OS X: brew to the rescue

Posted by jpluimers on 2016/10/07

The most recent versions of Joe don’t even build from stock in OS X any more and there are no direct installers for them.

But there are two most recent older versions that have installers, and a formula recent brew based HomeBrew installation:

  1. joe-3.7-0.pkg – rudix-snowleopard – JOE – Rudix: The hassle-free way to get Unix programs on Mac OS X – Google Project Hosting.
  2. PROJECT DETAIL for Joe’s Own Editor.
  3. Homebrew Formulas – Joe.

After experimenting for a while without brew preferring the first over second, I’ve installed the the third as:

  1. The first actually installs version 3.6, but has the syntax highlighting files installed in the correct place, so you get syntax highlighting.
  2. The second does install version 3.7, but since the syntax highlighting files are in the wrong place: you get no syntax highlighting.
  3. The brew formula has an up to date joe version 4.0 and installs the syntax highlighting in the right place: you get syntax highlighting.

Before making a choice, you might want to consider reading about joe versions in JOE – Joe’s own editor / … /

Having a background partially in the Linux world, I tried building joe from source on my Mac following the steps at JOE – Joe’s own editor / Discussion / joe-editor-general:Mac binary for 3.3 does not run on OS/X 10.8. It failed because the Mercurial 3.8 branch required automake and autoconf which are not available on  just a Mac + Xcode. So I’m happy that others have bit the bullet and make a good HomeBrew build.

What makes HomeBrew so great is that it is based on a fully versioned git/ruby combination, allows for multiple Python versions, allows for binaries through bintray served bottles and has zillions (well, thousands) of installable formulae, all versioned.


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