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Archive for the ‘sdelete’ Category

SDelete hangs at 100% – Sysinternals Forums – revert back to v.1.61

Posted by jpluimers on 2016/10/07

I’m a fan of sdelete, but the most recent v2.0 update seems – released alongside SysInternals support for nano server – to be a lot slower than the v1.61 version:

I have the same problem with Sdelete on my SSD.The resource monitor showed v.2 writing the disk at approx 40Mb p/swhile v.1.61 at 1,300 Mb p/s SDelete v.2.0 is faulty (shows 100% all the time) and dead slow, don’t use it.Google v.1.61 , it works just fine.

Source: SDelete hangs at 100% – Sysinternals Forums [WayBack]


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SysInternals sdelete: zero wipe free space is called -z instead of -c

Posted by jpluimers on 2016/09/20

In the 2009 past, sdelete used the -c parameter to zero wipe clean a hard drive and -z would clean it with a random pattern.

That has changed. Somewhere along the lines, -c and -z has swapped meaning which I didn’t notice.

This resulted in many of my virtual machines image backups were a lot larger than they needed to be.

The reason is that now:

  • -c does a clean free space with a random DoD conformant pattern (which does not compress well)
  • -z writes zeros in the free space

Incidently, -c is a lot slower than -z as well.

TL;DR: use this command

sdelete -z C:

Where C: is the drive to zero clean the free space.


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