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Archive for December 2nd, 2016

Make a cheap TOR anonymizer — BYTESEC Labs Inc

Posted by jpluimers on 2016/12/02

I had a few friends ask if they could buy a cheap travel router that protects their internet activity as they travel around the globe. So my criteria:

  1. Cheap (< USD 20)
  2. Portable (pocket size)

Source: [WayBackMake a cheap TOR anonymizer — BYTESEC Labs Inc

via: [WayBack] hmmm – Joe C. Hecht – Google+


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C13/C14 wiring diagram live/neutral/earth

Posted by jpluimers on 2016/12/02

Edit 20200713: The original wiring in this article was wrong, thanks Jules Vape for pointing this out in the comments.

This is the correct wiring according to IEC 60320 – Wikipedia: C13/C14_coupler: File:IEC60320 C13.jpg – Wikipedia

  • Facing the female connector:
    • Left: Neutral
    • Middle: Protective Earth
    • Right: Live
  • Facing the male jack:
    • Left: Live
    • Middle: Protective Earth
    • Right: Neutral

The same information from [WayBack] IEC 60320 (IEC 320) Reference Chart – IEC 60320 Connectors & Plugs | StayOnline:

IEC-60320 Plugs and Connectors
International North America Wires Poles
250 Volts
10 Amps
125/250 Volts
15 Amps
3 Wires 2 Poles

Wiring colours

If you wire it, the colours depend on where you live. I live in the Netherlands so this shortened table does apply:

IEC (most of Europe) AC power circuit wiring color codes.

Function label Color, IEC Color, old IEC
Protective earth PE green-yellow green-yellow
Neutral N blue blue
Line, single phase L brown brown or black

Longer tables and infographics are here:



Original wrong wiring:

So thanks but no thanks Simon Carter for this wrong info (live and neutral are reversed in his image):

C14 (male; left) and C13 (female; right)

C14 (male; left) and C13 (female; right)

Viewing a socket (line or chassis) from the front, i.e. the side that the plug fits into, the connections are:

  • Left Pin: Neutral
  • Centre Pin: Earth
  • Right Pin: Live

Source: Electronics 2000 | Pin-outs | IEC Connectors


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0.5W 12V 56-Lumen 7×3528 SMD LED Car White Light Bulb (Pair) – Free Shipping – DealExtreme

Posted by jpluimers on 2016/12/02

Since they work nice as car lamps, they are quite robust for weather conditions, so they work well as garden lamps too. So we have 69 of them in our deck.


Source: DX 0.5W 12V 56-Lumen 7×3528 SMD LED Car White Light Bulb (Pair) – Free Shipping – DealExtreme

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