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Archive for December 8th, 2016

ARM-Based Windows 10 Portable PCs!? Hell Yes! –

Posted by jpluimers on 2016/12/08

Windows 10 on ARM will supply a long-rumored feature: The ability to run 32-bit Win32/x86 desktop applications—Apple iTunes, Adobe Photoshop, Google Chrome, whatever—directly on the system, unchanged.

Wow, just wow.

[WayBackARM-Based Windows 10 Portable PCs!? Hell Yes! –


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SQL Server, Modulo, floats

Posted by jpluimers on 2016/12/08

SQL server % (modulo, not mod) operator doesn’t like floats (with reason).

You should get rid of the floats as they will give inaccurate results.

As a workaround, cast either through an integer or through a decimal: sql server modulo float – Google Search

CAST(CAST(TheInaccurateFloatValue AS decimal(38,19)) % ModuloValue AS float)

The decimal(38,19) is the maximum non-float precision you get.

( cast(dividend as integer) % divisor ) + ( dividend - cast(dividend as integer))


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How to: Migrate your SVN repository to Git – Nathan Hoad

Posted by jpluimers on 2016/12/08

How to: Migrate your SVN repository to Git – Nathan Hoad:

You’ve probably heard a lot about how awesome Git is from all the _cool_ people who are already using it. If you want to be part of the trendy crowd but feel tied down by your old Subversion repositories have no fear; Migrating all of those SVN repos to Git could not be easier **and** you get to keep the entire commit history of your project.

This is much better than what I did with FastMM:

Synced clone of FastMM SVN repository at normally obtained through`svn checkout fastmm-code` but cloned by `git svn clone FastMM`

Source: jeroenp / FastMM — Bitbucket

Some more links for if I get stuck:


via: Stefan Glienke; For all the people migrating their svn repository to git – this guide really…

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