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Archive for December 19th, 2016

Dell Inspiron 17R/5737 with Windows 10 does not understand 802.11n

Posted by jpluimers on 2016/12/19

Learned the hard way that relatively recent equipment like a Dell Inspiron 17R/5737 with Windows 10 does not do 802.11n despite Dell claiming “Dell™ Wireless 1705 802.11b/g/n with Bluetooth v4.0”.

I discovered it while hooking it up to a Huawei E5577Cs which by default is configured for 5Ghz 802.11n and the Dell not seeing it at all despite up-to-date drivers.

Both an iPad and an LG Android phone would immediately see it.

Switching the Huawei to use 2.4Ghz WiFi immediately made the Dell see it.

Windows 10 installed an Intel® Wireless-N 7260 driver and I could not find any settings that make the 802.11n work.



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Ports – MemePix

Posted by jpluimers on 2016/12/19

Cool image of many ports found on Macs, PCs, peripherals, audio and video equipment, including:

Optical Audio “Toslink”, USB A 1.0/1.1/2.0, Firewire 4pin iLink, Firewire 400 1394a, Firewire 800/3200 1394b/c, Ethernet 8P8C/RJ-45, Modem/phone RT-11, Apple Desktop Bus – ADB, Mac Serial, PS/2 keyboard/mouse, USB A 3.0, DE-9F, DB-25  Serial/Com Port, DE-9 Serial RS-232, e-SATA, Centronics, Parallel 36pin, Centronics SCSI 50pin, AT Keyboard, 50 pin SCSI 2, Surround sound, stereo/headphones, line-in, Mic, Digital Audio RCA, AAUI, Composite Audio/Video, S-Video, Component Video, F-Connector RF/COAX, 25-pin Parallel Port/SCI 1/DB-25F, Mac Video/MIDI/gameport/AUI/DA-15, Mini DisplayPort, Mini-DVI, Mini-VGA, Apple Hi-Density Video HDI-45, Apple Display Connector – ADC, LFH60 (dual DVI-D), DMS59 (dual DVI-D), HDMI, Micro-DVI, DisplayPort, DVI Video, DE-15/HD-15/VGA/SVGA.

There are many many more (like micro HDMI, USB-C, various USB 3 forms), but these are the most common ones.

Source: [WayBackPorts – MemePix via See the different types of ports.

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