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Using Delphi nextgen compilers … some arguments to have both for the Win32 platform

Posted by jpluimers on 2017/03/08

Last week there was a nice poke by Stefan Glienke around the Delphi nextgen compiler being used for the upcoming Intel x64 Linux support in Delphi (yes, no Arm there, hopefully somewhere in the future) at [Archive.isUsing Delphi nextgen compilers …

It resulted into a nice thread of strengths and weaknesses of the classic and nextgen compilers.

I’m emphasising a long term wish for the Win32 platform to have two compilers: a classic one and an LLVM nextgen one.

Reasons include this:

  • Various compiler architectures can emit code for the same end-platformm: Kylix Linux x86 support uses the classic compiler, new Linux x64 support is using the LLVM nextgen compiler
  • Debugging non-Win32 (x86 on Windows) is slow and buggy at best
  • LLVM nextgen compiler takes about 2 orders of magnitude longer than the classic compiler
  • the classic compiler has various optimisation deficits for about 2 decades and won’t be fixed
  • the LLVM nextgen compiler has many more optimisation opportunities than the classic compiler
  • the LLVM nextgen compiler supports zerobased strings and ARC which are almost impossible to debug because of the debugger issues so writing truly cross platform code using Delphi is a drag

So, please please please Delphi team: provide an LLVM nextgen compiler for the Win32 platform.

via: [Archive.isUsing Delphi nextgen compilers …

Recommended video: [WayBack] The recent next gen compiler debate reminded me of this nice talk.This is about c++ but it shows off nicely what a high quality compiler can achieve in terms of optimisation… – Christoph Hillefeld – Google+


One Response to “Using Delphi nextgen compilers … some arguments to have both for the Win32 platform”

  1. C Johnson said

    They already have an LLVM compilers for Delphi. The appearance is that the largest missing part would be the generation of x86 code from the intermediary stages, and debuggers – both of which are required for C++ already. I was going to mention support for Non ARC code, but again C++ already needs that. [* yes, I know, the bane of most programmers is “all you have to do…”, but in this case, it really does seem relevant]

    I am have troubles seeing why they are dragging their feet on this – the parts all seem to be there. At the very least they could release an experimental compiler we could beat the hell out of for them.

    In the mean time, I will continue to waste time writing interfaces to use ARC which has made my job SO much simpiler (you can even fake weak references in earlier compilers if you have to)

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