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Archive for March 23rd, 2017

Poor man’s MMX: Delphi Live Templates for creating a property with a type which will auto- create the getter/setter

Posted by jpluimers on 2017/03/23

Delphi Live Templates for creating a property with a type which will auto- create the getter/setter: [XML] ipropgs – by Oliver Münzberg.

For when you think you can beat Model Maker Code Explorer.

via: Do any IDE add-ins have “interface completion”? I figure somebody must have done this by now? David Nottage – Google+


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Kylix: The Real Lowdown – I wrote this in 2000 too

Posted by jpluimers on 2017/03/23

A while ago – while researching yesterdays post – I came across the below article that I wrote back in august 2000 for The Delphi (by Pinnacle Publishing – long gone by now) and on-line at

I found a cached copy first at and back-tracked from there.

Since the wayback machine isn’t indexed, I salvaged the copy below.

On the Delphi Tokyo release yesterday [WayBackTokyo is available today! – Martin Sedgewick – Google+: I will only try that after Update 1 is released, but based on the [WayBackWhat’s New – RAD Studio:


  • Reintroduction of Linux support. Finally.
  • 64-bit as target: server side, the 32-bit days have been over for a long time
  • one-based strings (boy, I’m glad they didn’t continue on the zero-based strings they did on mobile)


  • No openSUSE support where SuSE was the primary partner during Kylix development and launch, just search SuSE kylix; heck the registration guide is still up at [WayBackSDB:Kylix – openSUSE
  • LLVM compiler as it is way too slow for my development cycles
  • ARC based

Time will tell if it works better for me than the .NET Core for Linux I’ve been using until now.

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