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Archive for March 22nd, 2017

Some links on getting a local CollabNet SVN repository to git

Posted by jpluimers on 2017/03/22

A while ago, I had to rescue a project of a developer that had hosted their SVN repository on a locally running CollabNet installation in a VM that wasn’t properly backed up. So besides pollution of a development system, it had to be resurrected after the host crashed. Apparently

Here are some links without full steps that I used to find my way around, find the SVN repository locations and credentials, then convert it to git (that’s now remotely hosted in multiple places both internally and externally).

No steps as hopefully I will never need to take this route again:


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Kylix: Delphi for Linux is on the Way! – I wrote this in 2000

Posted by jpluimers on 2017/03/22

Last year, when Warren Postma wrote, I started digging for some articles I wrote about Kylix (the Delphi for Linux at the start of this century).

The second article I found (Delphi for Linux is on the Way!) was actually the first one I wrote, so I’ve put the copy below. The second article will be in my blog tomorrow.

The article below first appeared at the Pinnacle Publishing site at as an article for “Delphi Developers Journal” that went out of business just like “Hardcore Delphi” and “Delphi Informant Magazine” went before (actually Blaise Pascal Magazine is about the only Delphi related magazine left).

I found the title of my article through then back-tracked the title via


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