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Firebird – generate time/date/timestamp values

Posted by jpluimers on 2017/10/31

I needed the script in [WayBackFirebird – generate time/date/timestamp values to reproduce a problem in Database Workbench <= 5.3.2 with exporting TIME and TIMESTAMP values to Excel xlsx format: the time portion got lost so

The bug is fixed so will appear in the next beta and release versions: [WayBack] 0001506: Timestamp export to Excel XLSX only shows date, Time fails, CSV shows both date and time – Bug & Feature Tracker @


sequence(n) as (
When you select more than 1024 values, this error occurs:
Error while fetching data: Too many concurrent executions of the same request
select 0 start
from rdb$database
union all
select sequence.n + 1
from sequence
where sequence.n < 1023 finish
select sequence.n
, sequence.n * 59 + time '00:00:00' as nTime 59 is prime, so we get seconds, minutes and hours
, sequence.n * 13 + date '1899-12-30' as nDate
, sequence.n * 13.059 + timestamp '1899-12-30 00:00:00.000' as nTimeStamp
from sequence
order by sequence.n

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