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Archive for November 10th, 2017

Vulnerability Note VU#446847 – Savitech USB audio drivers install a new root CA certificate

Posted by jpluimers on 2017/11/10

Savitech has released a new driver package to address the issue. Savitech drivers version or later do not install the root CA certificate.

Users still must remove any previously installed certificate manually.

  1. SaviAudio root certificate #1
    • ‎Validity: Thursday, ‎May ‎31, ‎2012 – ‎Tuesday, ‎December ‎30, ‎2036
    • Serial number: 579885da6f791eb24de819bb2c0eeff0
    • Thumbprint: cb34ebad73791c1399cb62bda51c91072ac5b050
  2. SaviAudio root certificate #2
    • Validity: ‎Thursday, ‎December ‎31, ‎2015 – ‎Tuesday, ‎December ‎30, ‎2036
    • Serial number: ‎972ed9bce72451bb4bd78bfc0d8b343c
    • Thumbprint: 23e50cd42214d6252d65052c2a1a591173daace5

Source: [WayBackVulnerability Note VU#446847 – Savitech USB audio drivers install a new root CA certificate

Background: [WayBack] Inaudible Subversion – Did your Hi-Fi just subv… | RSA Link: While threat hunting, RSA FirstWatch came across a curious exposure in Windows PCs, involving driver packages provided by a certain manufacture…



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Playing Humax 5400C content on a Mac under OS X

Posted by jpluimers on 2017/11/10

I’ve had success transferring files for off-line usage on OS X using FileZilla connecting over FTP to my Humax.

Playing with MPlayerX was a bit troublesome as sliding through the resulting media file over commercials is hard.

VLC player has come a long way and plays the files a lot better (the audio gets less out if sync with the video/subtitle).

In addition: VLC on Mac OS X supports DLNA – basically a superset of UPnP – well (at least version 2.2.4 does): start with Universal Plug'n'Play to view any devices, then click on the little triangles in the list to open any new level.

A few tips on streaming:

  1. Do not play other content on the Humax itself: the device and operating system are simply not well enough designed to do deliver multiple streams without jitter at the same time.
    1. Try to avoid recording on the Humax while playing: the Humax will prioritise recording over playback.
  2. Ensure the Humax is on wired internet: the Humax 150N wireless adapter has bad antennas and can’t keep up even in good WiFi conditions (even with a great 802.11n access point next to it: it never reaches the 150 megabit IEEE_802.11n-2009 data rates).
  3. Try to have your Mac on wired internet as well.
  4. Ensure any firewalls allow DLNA / UPnP traffic



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Some links on isolating parts of networks with Mikrotik

Posted by jpluimers on 2017/11/10

On my research list so I can do proper LoT.


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