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Archive for November 29th, 2017

Objective-See: the¬†Mac OS X / MacOS / Mac OS 10 root password issue tracked down

Posted by jpluimers on 2017/11/29

[WayBack] Objective-See: tracking down the cause a serious authentication flaw in Mac OS X / MacOS / Mac OS 10: resetting the root password by just clicking OK.

Via:¬†[WayBack] How the MacOS High Sierra ##IAmRoot bug actually works. ##insightful … TL;DR the return value of the verify password function is interpreted wrong. Fix looks trivial. But this IS a serious bug. – Jan Wildeboer – Google+

Note the bug was already revealed two weeks ago:¬†[WayBack] … after updating to High Sierra, the two admin accounts on this machine are all of a sudden standard accounts …

Via: [] Mike Myers‚ÄŹ @fristle: Perhaps nobody noticed two weeks ago when the root login vulnerability in macOS High Sierra was shared as a helpful tip on Apple‚Äôs own Developer forums.

The bug has already been fixed: [WayBack] About the security content of Security Update 2017-001 РApple Support

Via: [WayBack] That was reasonably fast! ##Apple has released the fix for the embarrassing ##IAmRoot bug. РJan Wildeboer РGoogle+


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QA frustrations: waiting¬† almost a year for a resolution

Posted by jpluimers on 2017/11/29

A frustrating part of reporting issues to many companies is the time it takes to get a response at all or a response “maybe in the far future”.

Below is just an example, but I see this regularly, for instance another example (scheduled in a later security related post) a company that responds to a “welcome in the 21st century” complaint on enforcing a 16 character password limit by responding “maybe we are going to extend it in the 22nd century”.

[WayBack] why are the parameters in a reverse order.


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Yay! The Press-This bookmarklet now works again!

Posted by jpluimers on 2017/11/29

Good news the Press-This bookmarklet on has been reinstated.

See and the discussions in these below threads and sources.

Solves issues:

  • #12¬†– Add text domains
  • #15¬†– Restore Bookmarklet Functionality
  • #17¬†–¬†Needs better documentation
  • #32 –¬†The Press This bookmarklet itself on the tools page does not have the code

Some relevant sources:


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Canonical Delphi Singleton Pattern – Stack Overflow

Posted by jpluimers on 2017/11/29

Though I try to refrain from using the¬†singleton pattern¬†when possible (I prefer dependency injection over accessing “globals” that usually tend up to be not so global after all), sometimes I need to.

In C# there has been a canonical singleton pattern implementation by John Skeet for a very long time at [WayBack] C# in Depth: Implementing the Singleton Pattern.

I just found out there has been similar implementations in Delphi both in this question (which like many useful questions is marked “closed”, oh the joy of StackOverflow): [WayBack] “Delphi Singleton Pattern – Stack Overflow:

I like both implmentation, but usually take the first as mostly locking has little overhead and sometimes two instances cannot co-exist (though that’s lessened when part of the singleton uses lazy initialisation, for instance from Spring4D).


via:¬†[WayBack] May I please ask for your opinion on the following code:..singleton… – John Kouraklis – Google+

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tiOPF discussion thread

Posted by jpluimers on 2017/11/29

Sometimes the title of a G+ entry looks not so interesting, but then you read the comments. In this cast it’s about the mediator pattern support in the tiOPF¬†object persistence framework, how it works very well from Free Pascal and both classic and ¬†modern Delphi compilers and why developers dislike ARC. It’s cool as it allows you to decouple UI from business logic and separate out business logic from your application into a back-end. Recommended reading: [WayBack] Hello i have a program that use MS SQL SERVER 2000i want to make a mobile application that connect to this database to make some consultationclient fi… – Mohammed Bouhlal – Google+


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